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Friday, March 31, 2006

Which hurts more, Brick Red or Burnt Sienna?

Can it be possible to have a full moon in the middle of the afternoon? My kids were absolutely, off-the-wall INSANE today! No, no, I take that back. It actually started yesterday. At least the two third graders who had to go home suspended because they brought toy guns to school weren't in either of my classes. But I was one of the teachers who had to confront one of them about it. Then, after school, just as they were about to get on the school buses and go home, two of my kids got into a fistfight.
So my day today started with me dealing with these two wannabe pugilists. One of them, to absolutely no one's surprise, was D. I don't think this kid could walk by a cloister of nuns without saying something horrid and provoking at least one of them to attack him. The other student is certainly not my best behaved, but usually not prone to actual physical violence. However, according to all eyewitness accounts, the two of them were out there punching each other in the face. In fact, the way that it was described to me, I couldn't help but reminisce about the Nolan Ryan-Robin Ventura debacle from many years ago. E, who is about as tall as, but much scrawnier than D, actually had the much larger D in a headlock, and was jabbing him in the nose. D, meanwhile, was pulling some sort of Matrix-like contortions, and reaching back over his shoulder to punch E.
Anyway, they've both been suspended for the first three days of next week, and they were in different rooms for today. That brings us up to about 8:10 a.m. A wonderful time of the morning to regurgitate your breakfast all over the floor. Or at least that's what one of my students thought. Not really wanting a reenactment of the dinner scene from Monty Python's the Meaning of Life ("Better get a bucket"), I decided to take the rest of my class for a walk around the school while the custodian came to clean up the mess.
At 10:40, Mrs. Educator and I switched classes. As of yesterday, we have a new student in that class. This little girl, G, has been at the school all year long, and has been a real headache for two of the other third grade teachers. Last week, she upped the ante a bit, throwing a crayon at one of her teachers, and punching the other one in the arm. That's right, she punched a teacher. So, after three days of suspension, she returns to school, displaced into another third-grade classroom. She was relatively well behaved for both of us yesterday, and she didn't have any major flareups today, but I have had interactions with this girl before, and I know her temperament. What's worse, is she seems to have developed a real bond with DJ Clueless. Maybe it's the head inscription, maybe it's the complete illiteracy, but whatever the reason, they're tight.
Lord help us all.
Good news: tomorrow is the Final Four. Bad news: tomorrow I have to do Saturday School. Saturday school is not a time for the kids to learn about the Bible. That would be Sunday School. It’s not a time for the kids to learn about beer. That would be middle school. Saturday School is basically an extra tutoring session for the kids that are still really struggling. At least it's only from 9 till 12, and there will only be a handful of kids there. So I should be home in plenty of time to catch the round ball action.
Have a great weekend!

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