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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Field Day!

Tomorrow is the last day before Spring Break (YES!!!), so we're having our Field Day activities. We've been testing the little munchkins all week long (first benchmarks, today practice math TAKS), so I suppose they've earned a bit of frivolity.
All of the kids have been clamoring to race me since the year began, and I have repeatedly told them, "I'll race all challengers on Field Day." So tomorrow will be the showdown. Of course, last year, I raced against the fastest third grader, gave him a 30 foot headstart and still beat him. So I'm not worried about anything other than stepping in a hole out on the field and turning an ankle. THAT would not be good. Soon, the kids will be calling me "Mister Flash."
More good news today, we received the results of the TAKS reading test. 78% of our third graders passed the test! This might not seem like a lot, but it is MUCH higher than we expected, with this group. Several surprises in there, as kids that we figured didn't have an ice cube's chance in Ecuador actually passed. K, in my class, who took the test 3 times last year (and was thus retained because she didn't pass any of the aforementioned times) can now move on to the 4th grade! Mrs. Educator and I had 7 kids that didn't pass. They'll get 2 more chances -- and most of them will probably need both tries. . . But still, the results were very encouraging.
Here's hoping it doesn't rain tomorrow!
Oh, and not sure how often I'll post during Spring Break. Probably not very. So don't expect anything till the week of the 20th!
Have a great break!

1 comment:

kontan said...

we're on break now too...have a good one and congrats on the taks scores...