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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Time to sue the barber

This morning, as I was standing by my door greeting the students, I couldn't help but notice the top of r's head. He's about half my height, so I had no problem getting a full view of his noggin. He's got really short hair to begin with, not quite shaved but almost, but carved into what little hair there was, right on the top of the sphere, were the letters J.D.
Please keep in mind that this kid's name starts with an r, which is neither a J nor a D. When I asked him who had written on top of his head, he immediately said, "Nobody." Not believing for an instant that his hair naturally grows like that, I tried to press him for more information, but, as usual, he wouldn't tell me anything. Mrs. Educator apparently had a little more luck later in the day. She told me that when she had asked r about his newest 'do, he told her that a friend had done it to express his nickname.
You may be wondering what r's nickname is?
DJ Cool.
In my opinion, DJ Dyslexic would be more like it. Here I thought he was selling out his melon as a JD Powers billboard. But no, it was intended to be DJ, not JD. Go figure.
Just can't wait to see what DJ Clueless gets up to next. I'm pretty sure it won't be excelling at anything remotely related to math.


Amerloc said...

/snorts beer out both nostrils

(and that beer was laboriously licked off the patio. We're talking serios alcohol abuse here)

Mister Teacher said...

Hello Amerloc,
Beer? Are you serious?
In honor of my latest post, wouldn't it have been more appropriate for you to be snorting Jack Daniels out of your nostrils?

Artie Ziff said...

DJ because he "spins" his web of lies, or because he "scratches" his bum? I'm sure he at least stays up most nights and parties like it's $19.99.

Mister Teacher said...

Hey there, Artie Ziff!
Why does that name sounds familiar?
Do you sometimes go by the name Juan Borja?
Say hey to the wife and kids.