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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Return of the Ding

Hallelujah!! What once was lost, now is found! My prize student, D (the scourge of public school toilets everywhere), has returned from…wherever the hell he went after he got kicked out of our school three weeks ago. And, true to form, he picked up right where he had left off. Calling kids names, trying to start fights, and spouting nonsense in the middle of class.
At recess yesterday, D said something that actually had me at a loss for words, and that just doesn’t happen very often. After several of the kids had accused him of cursing at them, I was busy giving him a piece of my mind. I had just finished saying, “Why on earth would you come back and start doing exactly the sort of thing that got you kicked out of here in the first place?” when D suddenly exclaims, “My birthday coming up soon!”
I just really had no answer for that one.
In much sadder news, I also lost a student yesterday, and she was one of my favorites. Little S, who is a very friendly and bright girl, brought in withdrawal papers yesterday. At first, I told her I wouldn’t sign them, but of course I had no choice. Her family is moving to Lancaster, which isn’t all that far from here, but it’s far enough to put her in another school. Maybe once she gets to her new school, her mother will allow her to obtain a pair of forbidden glasses.
Losing a sweetheart, and regaining a headache – what a great way to start the week!!


Amerloc said...

Some kids just seem to have bungie cords strung between them and our schools: they can leave for a while, strech the limits of that cord, and then BOING! they're back.

And it never seems to be the sweet ones...

Phineus said...

While visiting one of our schools the other day, the principal was pulled out of our meeting by police. When she came back in she told us detectives were there to take action against a 4th grader who had threatened the disembowelment of a teacher. Nice kids we have in the system.

Anonymous said...

Awhh... I'm sorry. Guess this means I should mail you tylenol!

Mister Teacher said...

Wow, glad I haven't been thratened with disembowelment yet. Some of the kids have disembowled a couple of toilets, though.

Anonymous said...

With his birthday announcement, D sounds like a Ralph Wiggum with an attitude.

Mister Teacher said...

Ralph W. is EINSTEIN next to D.

"I bent my wookiee!!"

Anonymous said...

You have my deepest empathy..This just happened to me as well. =( I guess that's why we get paid the big bucks!!??!!

kontan said...

I know...Hate losing the good ones. One of my sweet thugs came back. I was so happy to see him. If he would get off the streets he'd be a great kid. Does everything I ask him to do and works so hard. Very smart. Can't stay out of trouble outside of school though. Hope he somehow makes it :(