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Monday, March 07, 2011

Quirky teachers

Happy Monday, everyone. This week's INTERACTIVE MONDAY question is, What unique quirks do you have as a teacher?

I got the idea for this last week, when I had a brief flash of alarm after school was over. I had reached into my right pocket, and I hadn't found the two pens that I ALWAYS keep there -- one red, one black. My eyes darted around the room before finally spying the pens on my desk.

Once my heart went back to normal speed, it occurred to me that most people probably don't worry so much about where their pens are. This would definitely be a quirk of mine. When I'm not at school, I don't ever carry pens around in my pocket. Not ever. However, once my school day starts, I truly feel naked without those 2 pens in my pocket. When somebody asks if they can borrow a pen, I probably come across as a jerk because of my hesitance. Even more so when I make a point of asking for the pen back before I leave the room.

Every day as I'm leaving school, I take both pens out, place them on one of the desks, and leave them behind. Once I'm out the classroom door, I don't even think about them until I return the next morning. But then, it's obsession on again.

I can't exactly provide a rationale for this quirk, I can only describe it.

Anybody else care to share their quirks?


-C said...

Apparently one of my quirks, that I only realized once a group of students pointed it out to me (awkward), is that I wear a cardigan every day ala Mister Rogers.

-Carrie F.

Mr Pesas said...

I'll take your pens and raise you a pencil. Hung on my lanyard, at all times, are a blue and red Pilot G-2 pens and a mechanical pencil. These are never loaned out to students and only begrudgingly loaned to teachers when we are signing in at a staff development.

Another quirk I have noticed is with my classroom keys. They are on another lanyard which hangs out of my right front pocket. I catch myself even on the weekends grabbing for the lanyard (that is not their) as I sit down so I don't sit on it.

Unknown said...

Once or twice a year, when I was feeling particularly bulletproof, I would offer my students the opportunity to impersonate me. Invariably, one or more of the bold and brash would step to the front of the class and imitate a variety of my mannerisms, quirks, oft heard sayings, and so on. The kids loved it and I found it instructive - usually about what not to do.

Jules said...

I can rationalize your 'quirk'--pens disappear!
Last year I put my NAME on my pens, and lo and behold, they stopped disappearing. :)
Last year I also started wearing one of those neck wallets (but a pretty one) to carry around regular pens, dry erase markers, marbles for our marble jar, toys/bits that I had to confiscate...

Mister Teacher said...

I lent a pen to a parent today to sign her name on a form before a parent conference. Then I agonized for the rest of the conference over whether I was going to get the pen back or not. I did. :)

C, at least you have a cool nickname, I'm sure. :)

Mr. Pesas, I sometimes have those phantom grabs as well.

Janet, that can be fun AND dangerous sometimes. I've learned from my kids that I turn bright red when mad.

J, my colleagues write their names on pencils, and they STILL disappear!!

Anonymous said...

I looked up the word "quirky"in the dictionary...
and there was my photograph!


Anonymous said...

My principal took my pen off my notepad the other day when we were in a meeting and I worried the whole time whether I was going to get it back. So when he left the room to get a file, I grabbed it from the desk and put it in my pocket!
So I completely understand the pen thing.