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Monday, March 14, 2011


It hit me on Saturday that I had totally forgotten to bring home something that I was going to work on over Spring Break. My laminated Big Bracket poster. I actually didn't use it last year, as it was the first year in my teaching career that I did not hold a March Mathness competition with my kids. Part of that was due to laziness, and part of that was due to me just being particularly annoyed with that group of kids.

However, I don't want to skip it again! So I was a little bummed once I remembered that I had forgotten. Oh well, I can still pair up the kids on a smaller sheet and post them on the poster next week (LOOOONG LONG away still).

In the meantime, INTERACTIVE MONDAY today is not a question, but rather an invitation to join my March Mathness group on This has absolutely nothing to do with my classroom version of March Mathness, and I'm not offering any prizes other than bragging rights, but it's fun to be part of a group, so why not be part of mine? Just go here: March Mathness
Sign up, if you need to, and join the group called March Mathness. No password necessary.

Also, is having a March Madness type tourney, featuring books that they like. Learn Me Good is currently doing quite well in the first round voting. Second round will be sometime in late March. I'll post when that happens, and I hope you all will go and vote for me!

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