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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Web sites to help kids

I got a tip from Adrienne Carlson at Forensic Science Schools about a post she recently wrote entitled, "100 Tools to Make Your Kids Math and Science Stars."

I thought it was pretty neat. I only have one working computer in my classroom, and it runs at about the speed of mud. But I might just jot a few of these math sites down for any kids in my class who have working internet at their home or who can use the computers at the library. I especially found the math section of websites helpful.

Also, we're only 2 FoLMeGs away from 100! Step right up and join the club!!


Melissa B. said...

I was born several decades too early. I sure could have used sites like these to improve my grasp of math and science, which in elementary school was pretty minimal. You know your football game, with the bulletin board to celebrate the kids learning their multiplication tables? I never would have made it...

Anonymous said...

Spot checking - many of the math links didn't seem to work. However, I was able to get to them by googling their names.

Anonymous said...

I should have mentioned that I appreciated your sharing that great list.