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Friday, September 11, 2009

The voice of God

Let's see how I can spin this story. Um, yeah, I got it. Here goes...

At least 3 of my co-teachers on my hallway today got to have their kids experience "the voice of God" coming through their walls and/or doorway, and they were all able to use it as a teachable moment for their students.

In actuality, the sound they heard was MY voice, at pretty nearly the top of my lungs, shouting the name of my severe (and when I say severe, I mean the TOTAL opposite of non-existant) ADD student.

I guess I just didn't feel like wasting the rest of my class's time waiting for him to respond to me as I called his name in a normal, and then raised voice. Three times with no response seemed to be enough, so I just Lamberted him.

Teacher A, across the hall, told me that her kids all jumped in their seats when they heard me. She made me into the bogey man, threatening to send any misbehavors over to my room.

Teacher B, the farthest away, made a similar threat to her students.

Teacher C, who is right next door, told me that she had been having issues with her own kids. She kept asking them to get quiet, asking them repeatedly, until they finally got quiet. About 5 seconds later, they heard my yell come booming through the wall between classrooms. She didn't threaten sending anyone my way, but instead commented that if they kept up their behavior, MY kids would soon be hearing HER voice through the wall.

Professor Snape would NEVER survive at my school...


Christy said...

That is AWESOME.

Melissa B. said...

I have been known to project, shall we say, in great booming tones. I really need to keep my door closed...sometimes the Voice of God is a good thing, though.