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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back to the city that DOES sleep

I'm back, did ya miss me?

My gf and I took a week's vacation up to the northeastern part of this grand country of ours. Boston and New York, to be more specific. I had been to Boston before; back when I was an engineer, my clients were based around Boston. But I had never been to visit or tour or sight see. And I had never been to Manhattan.

It was all freakin' awesome (wicked awesome, even).

Though I am INCREDIBLY tired and sore. It was not a relaxing vacation where we just laid around and dozed by any means. No, we aggressively toured each site, packing just about everything humanly possible into those few days. We walked miles and miles, took bus tours, trolley tours, subway tours, ferry tours. We walked the entire Freedom Trail in Boston and traversed Central Park several times. Saw the view from the Empire State Building and saw the Statue of Liberty from Liberty Island. I took like 600 some pictures (I'll only post 2 or 3 here). We saw the Letterman show (the one that will air tomorrow night with Tom Arnold), and I shook Rupert Jhee's hand in the Hello Deli.

I brought a copy of Learn Me Good for Dave, on the infinitesimal chance that we might be in the front row AND that he might come out into the audience, AND that I might be able to hand it to him. That of course did not happen, so I did the next best thing -- I walked between the lions and donated that copy to the New York Public Library. Now whenever I watch the beginning of Ghostbusters, I will know that I have a book in those hallowed halls.

Flew home yesterday, visited the chiropractor, and then got up early this morning to begin my 3-day dual-language training institute.

Oh joy.

Good to be back. But I just want to sleep...


Farnnay said...

OMG!!! i have a picture from there too! on the piano at FAO Schwarz! i was just there last week. :)

Jules said...

aw, man! this is what i get for being behind in blog reading. i wish i'd known you were coming--it would have been cool to meet you in person! next time, maybe. :)

glad you saw lots of exciting things and had a good time! hope you get lots of rest after your vacation now. :)

Jason Oller said...

im gonna watch letterman tonight and try to see if i can see you!!

Mister Teacher said...

Construct, my gf acted like I was a child! (Maybe it was because there were 5 or 8 children on the piano with me, the only grown man.) But I don't know how you can go to FAO Schwarz and NOT get on the big piano!

J, maybe next time. :)

Jason, did you see me? Probably not. I'm getting ready to watch the show now myself -- taped it last night.

Jason Oller said...

UGH!! CBS doesnt come in on my tv anymore!! :(

did you see you?