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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

We Are the World

I would just like to take a moment to say hello and welcome to all of my international readers! I have noticed in recent months that visitors are coming from all over this great globe of ours, for example:
the United Kingdom

So if you have just taken a wrong turn on the information superhighway and stumbled upon this site, feel free to come back anytime. But if you have become a regular reader of Learn Me Good, then you have my heartfelt gratitude, and please feel free to tell your friends in neighboring countries.

And how about a few comments from our international neighbors? Let's hear what's going on in your part of the world!


Mrs. T said...

Hi, even though Iowa may SEEM like a foreign country to some, I know it's not.
I am curious as to how you can track the whereabouts of people who visit your site. I have a site meter, but only of the free variety and it gives me all kinds of boring data every few days or so. How can I be a better stalker and know how people arrived at my site? Thoughts? Advice? Words o' wisdom?

Trixie said...

Does Lubbock count as a "foreign country"?

Just curious...

Anonymous said...

I'm from the UK, I found your blog via Lulu :) Very entertaining, keep it up!

Mister Teacher said...

Okay then, at least ONE out of three entries actually IS from a foreign country...
I use the program from It doesn't allow me to "track the whereabouts of people" -- it's not like I can go on there and say, "I see that Mrs. T is in the produce aisle at Kroger's..." but it does allow me to at least see what state/country/city people are visiting from.
And to the commentor from the UK, thanks for posting! Keep coming back for more!