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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Several posts of note today:

Conversation during science time:
Me: Thomas Edison invented the first machine that could show movies.
Student: DVD?!?

 Uh, no...

There's nothing like a Code Brown in the hallway as I'm enjoying my lunch of leftover chili...  Yummy!

There are several new mounds of surface material (straw, or bark, or whatever) on our playground. Yesterday, one of my girls asked, "Why are they putting that stuff on there if we don't even get to use it this year?"
Good question!!! Enjoy, neighborhood kids and wandering vagrants!!!

I think the oddball lady who lives across the street from the school is going to have to be a character in the next book. This afternoon at dismissal, she was peeking through her window with a camera!!
No idea what for, but I posed and mugged for the camera for a while...   

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