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Monday, December 06, 2010

The proverbial holiday party

Our Interactive Monday posting is going out late today, but I'm hoping to get a lot of responses to it, as it's a pretty juicy topic.

I couldn't think of just one way to pose the question, so I will present you with a flurry of them, all around a central topic, the office holiday party. Do you have them? Have you gone? Has anything wild ever happened? Have you ever done anything truly embarrassing that you probably shouldn't share with random people on a blog, but you're going to anyway because you're that starved for love and attention?

The topic comes up because my school's Christmas, excuse me, HOLIDAY party is being held this Wednesday. Last year's party wasn't too bad, but nobody did anything any more embarrassing than some ill-advised karaoke. It was a far cry from the office parties of lore, where everyone gets smashed, co-workers hook up, and lowly peons have to sneak into their boss' office late at night to delete an incriminating email.

Even back when I worked for "Heat Pumps Unlimited," (with my vaunted Mechanical Engineering Degree), our parties were relatively tame. I DID see a few more people drink a bit more than they should have back then, but still nothing wild.

So I'm sure somebody reading this has a great story to share. Just don't make it about someone hanging Mistletoe from their belt buckle.


Anonymous said...

We're having an official lunch holiday party - and then an unofficial one at a fellow teacher's house. Our small staff of 11 is really close, many of us go out together on a weekly basis, often with our spouses as well. I think there will definitely be drinking (some might be excessive) but no hooking up, and nothing we will be embarrassed about in the morning. We're a family.

Mister Teacher said...

Sounds like what we've often done.
We actually did have our official staff party this week at a nice restaurant. Food was great. The principal insisted on a group photo afterward (they had hired a professional photographer). As he was snapping pics, I was in the back row making every possible funny face I could think of.
I'm a regular Calvin.

Anonymous said...

We had a staff party at a teacher's house a few years ago. We also gave "White Elephant" gifts. Let's just say purple lingerie, spandex, and an autograph picture of myself were some of the gifts. There was also a teacher crawling on top of the bar and someone enjoying the monster margarita a little too much. Good thing someone else was driving.