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Monday, December 13, 2010

A little Christmas plug!

Just for anyone looking for some last-minute Christmas gift ideas, here are a couple involving your friends at Learn Me Good...

1) the paperback version of Learn Me Good is available for only $9.99 from!

2) The Kindle version of Learn Me Good is on sale for only 99 cents through January 1, 2011! And now you can give a Kindle ebook to ANYONE, as long as they have an email address! They don't have to have a Kindle! Check out this page for more details.

3) T-shirts, T-shirts, and MORE T-shirts (plus some sweats, mugs, and mousepads!) are available either at my Cafepress store OR my Spreadshirt store!

Merry Christmas shopping!


Unknown said...

My class is being worked hard this week, so we're just going to party hard on Friday. We have an early dismissal (noon), so after chapel (we're a parochial school), we'll watch a movie and make santa/elf hats and ornaments. Then we'll go Christmas caroling to the lower grades and offices, distributing candy canes (and bon mots) as we go along. We're having secret santa as well. Food is pizza and whatever anyone wants to bring in addition. This is one of the first years I'm looking forward to class party.

Mrs. Bluebird said...

I wish I was in class...we're on our 2nd snow day and the 3rd may be tomorrow as they're calling for an ice storm. That means we'll be making up days during what is supposed to be our break. Grrr.