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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The fact is, we cannot do that

Yesterday was a very interesting day.

We had a conference with a student's mother who told us that she thought we should put tape over her son's mouth to embarrass him into not talking so much. Though the thought had certainly crossed my mind, it's sad for a number of reasons. First, that she would think we COULD do that even if we wanted to, and second, that she would suggest that WE do it in class rather than her doing something herself.

During class, we were discussing fact vs. opinion. I asked if the following statement was a fact or an opinion -- Mister Teacher is a math teacher.

We all agreed that it was a fact. I then added a word, saying Mister Teacher is a great math teacher.

Many of the kids still said fact, and quite frankly, I was reluctant to correct them. :)


Rhymes With Right said...

Tape on the mouth? That never works.

Staples, on the other hand, are generally much more effective, though a bit messier. :)

Amerloc said...

Back in '58 - or maybe '59, my first grade teacher tied me to my chair.* I remember the event, obviously, and remember vaguely the behavior that triggered it.You know what it was.

Half a century later, I still wander around the neighborhood helpin' other people solve their problems and ignoring my own unraked leaves. Seems like Miss Campbell 'prolly wasted the effort...

But I'm on a mission tonight. Chances are pretty good it's related to that history: "Word Verification" is asking me to type "seakediu." Run that through your spell-check and see if it's a word.

It's not, is it. More like "random crap we scavenged from the shredder."


*She did so with my parent's aforeknowledge and collusion - they may have paid for the clothesline cord she used.