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Friday, February 12, 2010

All that snow...

Yesterday, as I mentioned, was a snow day here in Dallas. Not a day off from school, mind you, but a day where we had classes with 3-4 inches of snow on the ground outside. This is about as rare in Dallas, Texas as Britney Spears making sense in an interview.

I usually keep my shades closed in the classroom, but I opened one up so we could see the snow falling out in the courtyard. At around 9:15, I had to open several more, because our power went out and we needed the extra light. The power was out until almost 10:30.

In the meantime, after we got our initial work done (in the low light), I thought I'd give the kids a bit of a reward and take them outside to play in the snow. We got all bundled up and ready to go when one of the administrators walked by and said that no one was allowed to go outside.

D'OH!!! They won't even let us play in the snow!!!

By lunchtime, after-school tutoring had been cancelled, and it was a good bet that school would be cancelled for Friday (today). The kids were admonished, in a PA announcement, to go STRAIGHT to their buses and not play around in the snow.

Of course, as I was leading my class out to the buses, and I kept hearing other teachers shouting, "NO!! Put that snow down!!" I kept thinking, "I can't possibly tell a kid not to make a snowball when I want so desperately to make one myself!!!"

As soon as the first bus took off, I was throwing snowballs at other teachers. It just seemed such a waste of good snow NOT to use it!!

Sure enough, today was an official inclement weather day, and there was no school. While awesome in one sense, it stinks in another, because I had ordered some Valentine's Day flowers to be delivered to my fiance at her school. No go on that one.

But we did take advantage of the snow to build a snowman and take a few pictures. And thankfully, we haven't lost power here yet!


Mrs. H said...

Am I mistaken, or is that a snowball being lobbed directly at your head from some unknown assailant to the left?

Look out "Snownan the Barbarian" Frosty is gonna take you OUT!

Mister Teacher said...

It does look that way, doesn't it?

That's a mark left from when I threw a snowball at the fence, just because there was nobody else outside to throw one at...

kherbert said...

I'm sorry but your admin are idiots. When it snowed here earlier this year - it started during the announcements. Teachers saw it snowing and poured out of the building. We had kids all over dancing and singing that it was snowing.

When we were completely soaked - we went inside and had classes.

Later it started sticking. We went back out and played again.

They took them out one more time before school was out, but I wasn't there. I live 45 min north of the school and they were talking about iced bridges on the news. So my principal came by and had a great aid take my class and sent me home. He did this for everyone that lived in areas that were in danger of icing or who had kids in other districts that were shutting down.

Anonymous said...

Heartless to tell a kid not to "touch" the snow. I try to take my kids out everyday. It's usually the parents who complain about packing up all the gear each morning.

bun2bon said...

What were they afraid of? Students having fun? Students having fun at school? Students having fun with their teachers at school? Yep, that's a scary picture indeed.

Or maybe it was all a plot so the admins can have all that fresh snow for themselves to play with.