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Monday, June 22, 2009

25 Edu Blogs Worth Reading

Karen Schweitzer has guest posted here on Learn Me Good before. In fact, her prior post -- 15 Places to Find Teacher Inspiration and Humor Online -- has remained a very popular post on this blog.

So when Karen dropped me an email asking if she could guest post again, I jumped on the chance immediately. Karen writes for  as well as guest posting, and this time, she sends us a list of educational blogs worth reading. Seeing as how the post is being RUN here on Learn Me Good, it's obvious that THAT is the reason why LMG is not featured in this list, but that's ok. :)

25 Edu Blogs Worth Reading

If you're looking for new summer reading material to excite and inspire, you may want to consider checking out one of the education blogs on this list:

Teacher Blogs

So You Want to Teach - So You Want to Teach is an education blog geared toward new and prospective teachers. The blog offers tips, resources, advice, and other helpful information.

I Want to Teach Forever - Mr. D's blog contains a wealth of resources for teachers. There are random posts as well as series of regular posts, such as 52 Teachers/52 Lessons and Five for Friday.

Cool Cat Teacher - Written by edu blogger and teacher, Vicki Davis, this teacher blog offers teaching content, classroom resources, and education news. The blog also includes occasional posts for parents and tips on using new technology.

Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day - This frequently updated blog is written for ELL, ESL, and EFL teachers, but could be considered useful be almost any educator. Mr. Ferlazzo's posts link to new websites and resources each day.

Dynamite Lesson Plan - Author and public school teacher Damien Riley hosts this blog on teacher education and classroom management.

Tales from a Teacher's Heart - Tales from a Teacher’s Heart is a series of videos that share heartwarming stories about teachers and their students. The blog offers more of the same along with quotes of the week and an excellent "ask the author" column.

321 Learn - This blog was created for teachers and parents who want to find news ways to make learning fun. The blog features free resources along with useful tips and advice.

Successful Teaching - This popular blog offers teaching tips and strategies for educators. Posts link to many free teacher resources and often include a round-up of stories on other teacher blogs.

The Teacher Toolbox - Adrian Bruce's teacher blog is a great place to find stressbusters, jokes, classroom activities, and other fun resources.

Teacher Lingo - Teacher Lingo is a community of blogging teachers. There are many good blogs to read; you can also find like-minded teachers through the site's search feature.

Education Technology Blogs

iLearn Technology - This education blog is dedicated to technology in the classroom. Each post includes details about a technology resource, information on how it can be integrated in the classroom, and tips to make the resource more useable.

Free Technology for Teachers - Richard Byrne's education technology blog reviews free tech resources for teachers. Mr. Byrne also offers suggestion on how different resources can be used in the classroom.

Teaching All Students - This excellent blog from Patrick Black is geared toward teachers who want to learn how to use assistive technology in a special education classroom.

Creating Lifelong Learners - This blog from Mathew Needleman helps students and teachers close the digital divide by providing tips for elementary teachers who are teaching new and traditional literacy. The blog also includes information on how videos, podcasts, and other technology can be implemented in the classroom.

On Blogging and Social Media - This new web 2.0 blog from Nik Peachy is designed to help educators get started in the world of blogging and social media. The blog includes useful articles and step-by-step instructions.

General Education Blogs

This Week in Education - Alexander Russo's blog is a great place to stay up to date on education news and policy information. Each week he provides summaries and commentary on the biggest news stories.

Edwize - This education blog offers general education news and opinion. The blog also includes teacher diaries and real stories from NYC public school teachers.

Education Portal Blog - The Education Portal Blog offers a hodge-podge of education posts and resources for educators, students, and other people who enjoy learning. The blog is updated with a new (and useful) article at least once each month.

Elementary Education Blog This education blog is aimed at K-6 teachers. Topics include teaching strategies, curriculum design, behavior management, parent communication, and professional growth.

Mission to Learn - The Mission to Learn blog is geared toward lifelong learners. The site includes a lot of free resources and news as well as insights into what it means to be a lifelong learner.

Higher Education Blogs

Chronicle of Higher Education - The Chronicle of Higher Education offers up-to-date higher education news from around the web.

Education Nation - This education site provides news and information about the state of higher education in the U.S. and around the world.

International Higher Education Blog - David Comp's higher education consulting blog offers public diplomacy information, resources, and international education news.

Self Made Scholar - This blog from former English Teacher Jamie Littlefield provides a wide range of free courses and resources for teachers and lifelong learners.

Campus Grotto - This higher education blog is geared toward college students but it contains a wide range of articles, lists, and information that would be useful to almost any educator.

Guest post from Karen Schweitzer, the Guide to Business School. Karen also writes about accredited online colleges for

forensic psychology graduate programs at The Chicago School online


Mathew said...

Thanks for including me and for your other suggestions. said...

I'm delighted to find Mission to Learn in such excellent company. Thanks for the mention! - Jeff

Unknown said...

Thanks for including me too!

Alexa Harrington said...

Thanks for the inclusion! And thanks, too, for the new list of education blogs to delve into---I've been meaning to revamp my blog roll. Take care,


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Wandering Educators said...

FANTASTIC list! we also publish a travel site for global educators, - come visit!

Lakeside Learning said...

I run a literacy program for students who need more serious intervention with learning how to read ( Also, I write a blog on issues like reading, writing, and language- check it out and let me know what you think.