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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

12 Things Teachers Should Do Over Summer Break

I certainly hope that by NOW, everyone is on summer break. Here in Texas, this is our second week off from school. If there are indeed any poor shlubs out there who are still in session, well first of all, I feel very sorry for you, and second of all, I don't feel as bad when I realize that you probably started way later than us or had an obscenely long Christmas Break.

Regardless, I've put together a little list of things that have worked for me in the past and/or things that I am trying now in the present. These are things that all teachers should do over the summer to be prepared for the new school year which SEEMS so very very far away, but which we all know will sneak up on us like a new reality-star scandal.

Here are 12 Things Teachers Should Do Over Summer Break (in no particular order):

1) Sleep for 24 hours straight at least once (just don't do this in late August).

2) Sharpen as many pencils as you can. I did this last summer, and now I think I'm set for the next decade.

3) Try to avoid getting sun burnt.

4) Read as much as you can for pleasure. We all know that's nearly impossible during the school year proper.

5) Exercise, exercise, exercise!!

6) Follow the news and happenings of the World Wrestling Entertainment industry so that you'll be able to converse with the kids in the fall.

7) Find a trivia night at a local restaraunt or bar. Try to win.

8) Wait impatiently for the final season of Lost.

9) Make some funny YouTube videos. Or at least your own personal version of funny.

10) Rent a backhoe and clean out your guest room, office, or bedroom -- whichever part of the house/apartment that needs it most.

11) Take a field trip. Or two or three.

12) Read some fun blogs.


Anonymous said...

I'm taking a field trip every Sunday - the museums tend to be deserted before lunch. I can enjoy them without crowds.

HappyChyck said...

Excellent suggestions! Taken any interesting field trips lately?

The backhoe makes me laugh. I've been doing it by hand!

I'm also seeing as many flicks as I can--no time for that during the year either!

EHT said...

Some of my personal summertime favorite activites include reconnecting with my it from top to bottom. It really suffers during the school year.

Get out and explore your town or city. I've lived close to Atlanta for most of my life, and there are still areas I've never been to.

Go bowling. Seriously. I went yesterday, and rediscovered there is somthing quiet therapuetic about knocking down those pins. :)

Mortgage guy said...

ha ha ha! "Sleep for 24 hours straight" this is funny :)

Mister Teacher said...

kh, nice! What museums are you hitting?
Happychyck, I am taking a nice little field trip with my gf up to Boston and NYC next month. Can't wait! I have never been to the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building before!
EHT, you're right, so much to do and see!!

HappyChyck said...

NYC sounds fun! I've never been either. Bring back some stories!

Anonymous said...
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