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Monday, February 09, 2009

the dot com!!

I have a major announcement to make! Well, at least it is a major announcement for ME.

I recently took the plunge and bought the domain name It was unfortunately already owned by someone, so I had to pay more than I would have otherwise, but the guy agreed to sell it to me, the mandatory tranfer waiting time is finally over, and if you go to you will see---

Well, you'll see this same site. TA-dah.

Hold that, it really IS a major TA-DAHHH!!!

Because for one thing it's so much easier to tell someone to go to than it is to tell them to go to It also just sounds a heck of a lot cooler.

So with a brand new address, even if it's not a brand new site, I figure it's a great time to have a Grand Opening contest. Give away some Learn Me Good swag -- T-shirts and books. And I hope that everyone will participate and help me spread the word (again, it will be so much easier to tell your friends about than

I'm going to give away 2 T-shirts from my Spreadshirt Store and 2 copies of Learn Me Good. OK, the prizes have been stated, now here's how you win. The transfer took longer than I thought it would, so I didn't get to start at the very beginning of February, so we'll just stretch it into March for a bit.

Starting today, Feb 9, and ending a month from today, Mar 9, you can win entries into the prize pool by doing the following things:

Leaving a comment on any blog post -- this will net you 1 entry

Signing the guest book -- this will score you 2 entries

Becoming a FoLMeG -- this too will entitle you to 2 entries

Placing a link to
anywhere on the net (then directing
me to it for proof) -- you will receive 5 entries

Buying a T-shirt -- you will rack up 10 entries

You can claim credit for each of these actions once per day. So you have an entire month to gain as many entries in the hat as you can.

I really hope that everyone will help me out by spreading the word and participating in this contest. And more than that, I want to THANK everyone in advance, because I really appreciate the popularity that people have shown me and my writing.

Let the games begin!!


The Bus Driver said...

sounds like a great move!!! looking forward to the simplified name lol

Christy said...

been blogstalking you for some time now, I used to teach in Richardson and now teach in Seattle, WA. I so totally identify with some of the Dallas stories...sigh...good times. I have had a link on my blog for a while now, you can check if you like, I will update the address this week.

Priest said...

Cool. I'm in. Hey, how about some points for submitting an article you post up? I've got a way cool article on NLP Anchoring techniques that I drafted just
yesterday and it's geared toward classroom behavior(s) ... how to manage same *Hint-Hint*

Miss Panda said...

I'm in... check it..

HappyChyck said...

Wow! A .com? You are super cool! Moving up in the world...

Lara said...

Count me in, maybe I can win a copy of the book for my budget-cut library... :)

Laurie said...

I'm a blogging newbie and have really enjoyed reading your posts. It has brought up such great memories from when I was in the classroom. I'm now working at DreamBoxLearning creating an online supplemental math program. We just launched with our k-2 program - check it out at and let me know what you think!

I posted a link to your site on my facebook account!

Mary Mueller said...

Just discovered your blog, I look forward to future reading!

Unknown said...

Ok. I am leaving you a comment now... I already follow you and have a link from my blog to yours ( and I just changed my Facebook status to "Carolyn loves" Congrats on the domain purchase.

Unknown said...

This is neat to me