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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wanna write for me?

Can you believe 2008 is almost over? It seems like only yesterday that I was drinking champagne at midnight and changing the calendar. Oh yeah, that WAS yesterday.

But hey, in just a couple more days, we'll be doing it again, and this time with good reason!!

Since it will be January 2009 in just a few short days, I thought I'd lay out the invitation for an idea I'd like to try. I would like for January 2009 to be a month of guest blogging from FoLMeGs (Friends of Learn Me Good). I'm not trying to be lazy here, letting other people do the work for me. I'll still write my own posts from time to time. But I think it would be a neat way to let people read other writers' material as well as having other blogs link here to see the original author's posts.

Joel of So You Want to Teach? has already sent in a great post that I will be running during the first week of January, is anyone else interested? If so, please just drop me an email -- and let me know that you want to do it, pick a date if you have a specific one in mind, and if you already have a post in mind, sent it too. Otherwise, you can send it to me as your date approaches.

I hope that everyone who is a "regular" reader of Learn Me Good will take up the challenge, but I also hope that new readers or people who have stumbled onto this site will contribute as well. I look forward to the flood of emails starting...



ms-teacher said...

I think it only appropriate that ms_teacher should write for Mister Teacher, don't you?

I will get something to you by the end of this week and leave it up to you as to when you want to run it.

Jason Oller said...

I would like to write an article. I would just need a topic, or Repiteaching could be reposted.

Mister Teacher said...

Ms Teacher, highly appropriate indeed! I look forward to getting your email!

Jason, pick a date and pick a topic. What would you like to write about? Let's make it something different than what you've already posted before. How about the state of education in Louisiana?

nbosch said...

I'll write. I'm the only person in the world who has three blogs and hates to write. I teach gifted K-6, what do you want to know? I also love using primary source documents, does that sound fun? N

Priest said...

Okay, I'm in for a short article on capturing sensory input preferences. Rather than focus on "learning style preference" I prefer to dial in on the sensory input preference(s) as it makes lesson planning much less burdensome.

Mister Teacher said...

OK people, I love that you're volunteering, but you need to send me an EMAIL, not just leave a comment. I need to know who you are, and what date you want to post on!
The ideas sound great, though!

Jason Oller said...

Message to Priest: My sci fair project was on learning styles.
Mr. Teacher: I could write about the difference between Louisiana and Texas's Gifted Ed. I would like to briefly write a paragraph about the difference between a Louisiana teaching certificate and a Texas one. (There are enough differences not to bore people!) I will email you asap. Be expecting an email from soon!

Priest said...

Message to Jason: No doubt there is ample material on learning styles for several projects. Some embrace it as "The Word" and others reject it claiming it the whole notion is an outright scam. Not many fence sitters on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Hellllllllooooooooo Mr. Teacher. I sent you an email re: proposed article a couple of days ago and still no response. Come on, Dude, the holidays are over, take some Motrin for you Morning After New Year headache and let's get moving forward :)

Priest -

Melissa B. said...

Sign me up! My e-mail is:

Please give me a little advance notice, but I'm in!