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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sure enough, it's a full moon

Today was just one of those crazy days. One of those days where the kids got on my nerves, and where I wanted to throw my book across the room and scream, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME????" after every ridiculous answer. One of those days where I could actually count my blood pressure points rising, one by one, as I sat and stubbornly waited for a little girl to read the number 13,000 (took her about 5 minutes).

And that's not even counting the "groin" story!

After I had dropped my kids off at PE, I walked up to the office to check my box. As I passed the cafeteria, where all of the kindergarten kids were filing in to have their lunch, I heard a sudden wailing. In the space of one footstep, I held a mighty internal debate:

Do I stop and render assistance?

No, it's kindergarten, let them handle it, don't get involved.

Well, you've already looked at the scene of the crime, you shouldn't just walk past.

Oh hey, it's the little kid who sneezed and blew himself down in the bathroom, I wonder why he continues to scream like someone's attached electrodes to his tongue?

In the end, I applied the "Good Samaritan" law (you can't witness an accident and drive on past without checking on the situation), and I went over to see what was going on. I asked what happened, and one little boy calmly told me that the boy on the ground had hit him.

Yeah, that's usually the response when you hit someone, you keel over and scream incessantly. After a few minutes of interrogation, I discovered that the boy on the ground had hit the other boy in the butt, so THAT boy turned around and kicked the little kid in the junk. Hard, judging by his screams.

So glad I don't teach kindergarten.

By the way, this week's Mr. Teacher column is up at, and it's titled, "Stay Away from the Nog!" Just a few tips to keep your reputation intact during the company Christmas party.


Melissa B. said...

In high school we don't have to deal with the Junk Janx. Thank God!

Anonymous said...

oy, vey....saw your title..1st thought was, 'yeah, tell me 'bout it.' People in education who deny the effect of full moons upon children amaze me. Just think, NEXT week is the last week before Christmas break..good times ahead!

Christy said...

That may explain my desire to claw my own eyes out after my classes today....