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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Rainman cometh

Cloud break.

Gully washer.

Torrential downpour.

All of these terms could have been used to describe the rainfall this morning. After an incredibly soggy Texas summer, we had a couple of weeks with nary a drop of H2O falling from the sky. But that was broken over the past 24 hours, as many of us had an inkling to look up cubits and start building an ark.

My drive into work this morning wasn't that bad, but I am incredibly thankful that God invented golf umbrellas, because if I hadn't had mine, I think I would STILL be soaked and shivering.

Between 7:15 and 7:45 this morning, the rain fell down harder and faster than Michigan football in the polls. The street out in front of the school was practically a river (or as people down here say, a "crick"), and at times, I almost invoked the good name of the Gorton's fisherman to come and loan me his trademark outfit.

And for some reason, the heavy rain did NOT in the least cause a decline in the crazy driving out there. One guy parked his car in the middle of the street, and got out to walk his daughter across the other lane and onto the sidewalk. Even with me shouting, "Sir, you need to move your car -- there are six cars behind you!" he just nodded at me and said, "I know," and then proceeded to do exactly what he was already doing.

Oh well, I'd still take that crosswalk job over the gym monitoring job any day of the week. It might be wetter, but it's still a lot more fun.


Simply Sublime said...

I know! I was soaked from knees down! It took me until about 9:00 to dry off. CRAZY! Fit well with the insanity going on aroung us lately though. I think it's great you are doing the morning crosswalk duty. Not many would. :)

Anonymous said...

I was there! Some folks call it a gully washer, but my people call it "turd floater"

Anonymous Joe

Mister Teacher said...

Thank you Anonymous Joe, for that stunningly vivid imagery...
And SS, you mean you didn't just stand by the handdryer in the bathroom for 2 hours? You know, like the kids try to do after washing their hands?

Anonymous said...

So far we've been lucky with the storms hitting during school or just after release. The other day I stayed late to help some teachers and a gully washer came through. It was over when I left but added 45 min to my commute. Part of 59 with construction was flooded.

My AP purchased several hair driers that are kept in the nurses office. If the kids come in soaked, they are given spare uniforms and their are hung up to dry. When we run out of spare uniforms, we start with the hair driers.

The AP actually went to wal-mart in the middle of a bad storm to get the hair driers, because he didn't want the kids sitting in class soaked.