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Monday, September 17, 2007

Kill and drill

Apparently, we had a quota to fill today. Three weeks into the school year, and we hadn't done any sorts of drills as a school community.

So today, to make up for that, first we had a fire drill, then we had a lockdown drill. Thankfully, I had some advance warning on the fire drill, so I was able to make my expectations very clear to my class and even have a trial run before the siren went off. During the drill, my class behaved very well.

The lockdown came as a surprise. I hadn't gone over the procedure with my kids, so I had to quickly bark at them, "Get on the floor, under your desks -- no talking!" as I turned the lights off, closed the shades, and locked my door. Some of the kids thought it was a blast to huddle together under their desks, so keeping them quiet was a bit tougher this time around.

After that, I was expecting a tornado drill or a duck and cover or SOMETHING!

Hey, it's not like we were doing much today anyway, right?


Mike in Texas said...

We have the stranger drills also. We are supposed to hide the kids in the large closets that have 3 sliding doors and take up entire wall of the classroom.

Of course, neither my Science nor computer labs have those closets.

"Ok, everybody under their desks, put your invisibility cloaks on, and no talking to anyone!"

Grandma K said...

Based on my experience, with the general public, teachers never havde to do anything. Remember we are so highly paid, work 8-3, have weeks off at Thansgiving, Christmas, and spring break. I hope you were able to pick up the remains of the day!

Anonymous said...

we had a fire drill today, too, and i expect at least 2 every week for some reason.

ryc: i need to read atlas shrugged

thanks for the comment, man ...

Mister Teacher said...

Jose, Atlas Shrugged only took me about 3 months to's light reading if you've got some time. hehehe
Grandma K, that's why I started teaching in the first place!
Mike, be honest -- do you ever lock your kids up in those sliding door closets on days that you DON'T have fire drills??

Mike in Texas said...


I would if I had'em!

Joel said...

We evidently missed out on our quota last school year and had to do a fire drill in the middle of one of the lunches on the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. Mind you, we had two days out in January because of snow, which clearly debilitated the border town in which I live. So the last day was on Memorial Day and half of the kids were gone by that time. But they got to check it off in the office as a successful drill.

By the way, I checked my PO box this morning and found the book. Thanks!