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Friday, September 21, 2007

A bit of housekeeping

I am currently enjoying a three-day weekend, thanks to the fact that I got my professional development hours over and done with during the summer. So just a few things to blog about today:

1) A reminder that we there is less than one month remaining until the October 15 deadline in the YouTube challenge. If you'd like to win a free T-shirt -- as seen in the sidebar to the right -- all you have to do is leave a comment on one of my videos at YouTube. You can start with this one.

2) Another reminder, the Blogger's Choice Awards end on November 10. So if you have already voted for me, another big thank you, and if you have not yet voted, what are you waiting for? :) Seriously, I appreciate every vote that I receive.

3) I've discovered a new blog worth reading lately, so I thought I'd post a link here and direct traffic that way. Simply Sublime is a good read!

4) And finally, a first-time announcement, rather than a reminder. I have been offered a position as weekly columnist for! I won't start for about another month, so I will certainly have the chance to send out reminders, but I just thought I'd give everyone a heads-up. I'm pretty excited, as they have a rather large readership!

Have a great weekend!


Mike in Texas said...

Dude, I am sooo jealous

Mister Teacher said...

You'll have to visit and comment often dude!

Almost American said...

What, if you get your PDPs out of the way over the summer you get to skip out on the school/district PD during the school year (and they don't find some way to make you do it anyway)? I wish that happened around here!

Simply Sublime said...

Congrats on the column! And thanks for the mention!

Jules said...

woo, congrats on the column gig!! can't wait to read them!

EHT said...

Wow, I'm sooo impressed. A column....make sure you remind us or some of us older folks will forget.:)