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Friday, April 13, 2007

What an incredible smell you've discovered!

Continuing in my attempt to wrap up the actual PROJECT part of the kids' science projects before TAKS, three of my boys did their experiment today -- "Can you identify an object by its smell?"

To give them their due, these boys had brought in their materials several weeks ago. That fact will come into play later.

The project involves bringing in an unsuspecting test subject, blindfolding him or her, and then holding objects in front of that person's nose and asking them to identify the object by its smell.

The items that they chose to use were:

a bag of Hot Cheetos
a dirty sock
an old tennis shoe
a lime
a small thermos filled with strawberry milk

Sitting in my room for two weeks didn't much affect the cheetos, the sock, the shoe, or the lime. However, it didn't do too much good for the strawberry milk.

We wound up pretty much reenacting that old Saturday Night Live skit where one guy says, "YUUCCCKKKKKK!! This milk is rancid!!!" And his buddy says, "EWWWWW... Let me try!!"

All of the kids had to smell the milk, whether they were involved with the project or not. I even watched as one kid recoiled in disgust and then 30 seconds later shouted, "let me smell that again!"

And to answer the question that I know you're curious about:

Of COURSE I smelled the milk myself...


Anonymous said...

Oydahed yer book, ya crazy (stinky?) mallard. You're avaiable in Canada, eh.

Anonymous said...

If you REALLY want to blow their minds, take them to The Salt Lake in summertime. Holy cow. I quit smoking about 10 years ago, so my sense of smell returned, and that was the only time I deeply regretted quitting smoking since.

Anonymous said...

Frostger. Good grief.

Anonymous said...

My single brother-in-law is an expert on stink 'cause he grew up in a household of 5 boys. (hmm...
maybe that's why he's single?) He works in a plant making huge rubber airbags, using heat. The other day, he came home moaning about a particularly odiferous co-worker. Before heading off to work he dove into my fridge, fried up a couple of bags of my wild leeks, ate two egg salad sandwiches and finished off with a beer. A few days later he told me burning rubber never smelled so good.

Mister Teacher said...

Oh yes, Eleanor, Learn Me Good is available "wherever books are sold."

Frosgter, meet Frogster. You two should really hit it off... :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not gettin' hit off by nobody. These webbed feet are solid, man.

IMC Guy said...

You gotta love the curiosity of third graders! Did it ever cross your mind about the old milk when they brought it in?

Anonymous said...

I met frostger. can't stand the guy.

HappyChyck said...

Do you think the fascination with yucky odors is why my teaching neighbor's classroom smells like 7th graders' bums and feet and none of the students seem to mind?