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Thursday, April 12, 2007

If a third grader falls in the forest...

Earlier this week, all of the kids in my homeroom helped out with one of the group's science projects. The project was titled, "Can you tell where sound is coming from if you're blindfolded?"

(Their original title was "Can you hear a sound when you're blindfolded?" but I convinced them that trying to pinpoint the direction might be a better idea."

The experiment involves having one person stand in the center of the room, wearing a blindfold, while one member of the experimenting group moved somewhere else in the room and tapped on a book's cover with a pencil. The blindfolded person was then supposed to point in the direction they thought the sound was coming from.

So I went first. I put the blindfold (an old headband really) over my eyes in the center of the room, and when I heard the tapping, I pointed to where I felt I was coming from. I was relieved to hear the boy say, "Yes."

Then one at a time, the other 14 kids not performing the experiment were blindfolded and subjected to the same rigor. One at a time, they all pointed in the correct direction.

Then the three kids who are doing the project took their turns. And one by one, all three of them pointed in the wrong direction when the tapping began. I'm not sure if they were just REALLY disappointed that no one had gotten it wrong so far and they wanted to spice up the data, or if they just have really poor hearing. But I think we can rest assured, if the world ever sees true superheroes, Daredevil will not be coming from this group of three...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Can one person live in two bodies?
I'm a believer. Sounds like one of your lil project guys is really George Bush jr.