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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Crash and go up in smoke

You know, with all of the crazy driving I have seen out in front of the school this year, it's a wonder I haven't seen any fender benders. Until today. Of course, I never imagined that the accident would occur with an unoccupied car.

There was a car parked across the street the entire time from 7:15 until 7:45, so I have no idea who it belongs to. But this guy pulled up behind it, parked about 10 feet back, and his wife and daughter got out. I walked them across the street, and then I sort of forgot about him as other cars pulled up to the near side curb in front of me. I'm greeting a couple of kids getting out right in front of me, when I hear this bang. I look up, and see that this guy has somehow drifted forward the 10 feet or so and directly into the back end of the parked car. I have no earthly idea how that happened.

Thankfully, it was a very low speed collision, and there was no noticeable damage to the car. I told him that he should put his name and number on a piece of paper and slide it under the windshield wipers, which he did.

So there was my big excitement for the day. Of course, in other areas, things were a bit more mellow. Groovy. Like, totally far out, man. I heard from another teacher that there was an incident not too far from us where a fifth-grader was caught in possession of 20-some grams of marijuana. And one report was that he was even smoking it!

Hmmm... Maybe I should visit that classroom and bring back a sample, so I can demonstrate how a solid becomes a gas…

OK, it's halftime of the Duke-Carolina game, so I've got to wrap this up and get back to screaming at my television. I don't know how it will wind up, but it's been one heck of a game so far!

1 comment:

IMC Guy said...

I bet the second half of the game was better for me than it was for you! Go Heels!