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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Your money is no good here, Señor

A local pizza chain (actually, turns out there are 59 stores around the country) called Pizza Patron has been making news here in Dallas because of a recent decision to accept pesos along with US dollars.

A lot of the community is up in arms because they feel this is completely un-American. Others are taking the stance that it's good business practice and fully acceptable. Personally, I'm just not sure why they stopped at pesos. I mean, I understand that the stores are predominantly located in Hispanic neighborhoods, but they are serving Italian cuisine. So shouldn't they be excepting lira as well?

One large pepperoni pizza: $7.99; 2,000 pesos; 563,229 lira

I just hope that other pizza chains will follow suit and accept other forms of currency. I would love it if Mr. Jim's would start taking Putt Putt tokens or old Slurpie action coins. I must have about a million Don Quisenberrys lying around here somewhere...


Airam said...

I guess they could accept lire if it was still in circulation and still had value. I guess they'll just have to settle for euro's ... but at least this will open it up to most european countries!

Mrs. T said...

I'm sure the same people that have their undies all in a wad about this also expect dollars to be widely accepted when they travel to Mexico.

Mister Teacher said...

Rookie, that's kind of my point. They aren't accepting lira OR euros-- only pesos and dollars.
Mrs. T, I think you're right. They are wondering why we should accept pesos in America if Mexico will not accept dollars in Mexico.

Airam said...

Sorry ... I have my slow days, what can I say?

Mrs. T said...

Actually there are places (esp. touristy places) that accept dollars in Mexico- 'cause they're worth more. Fo-shizzle.

Darren said...

I say, let them accept whatever they want. It's *their* business. Let the market sort this out. It'll do far better than any law mandating or diallowing the use of pesos.