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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Eat me!

On Friday, I heard yet another example of one of those "kids say the strangest things" quotations. This one came to me from my fellow third-grade math teacher, let's call her "Mrs. Math."

Mrs. Math was having a discussion with her kids about the traits of mammals. More specifically, how mammals get food by drinking milk from their mother's body's. This is an awkward enough topic to discuss with a group of eight year olds, but even more so when they start asking where the milk comes from. Mrs. Math improvised quite well and told the kids that maybe the mother ate some fruit, and then the fruit turned into milk in her body.

Somehow or another, that started one of her students down a very bizarre path of thinking. After a few moments of heavy pondering, he raised his hand and announced, "Mrs. Math! You should eat Mister Teacher, and then you'll get big and strong!"

When she told me this, I told her she should have quoted Johnny Depp from Willy Wonka and said, "No, children, that's called cannibalism, and that's wrong."


Anonymous said...

Oh that is too funny. Reminds me of a time I told a kid his grandma (who was supposed to pick him up and was late) "got tied up" but would be there soon. His response? A horrified look and "How did she do that!?"

Unknown said...

Today I was teaching 3rd graders how to change from a singular to a plural noun..."change the y to an i and add es"....They were told to look in books for words to change and write them down, the singular and then the plural. One kid got out the dictionary, opened it up to the Cs and wrote:
celebrity....celebrities (good job)
cleibacy......celibacies (not so much what I was looking for)

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

And then what would happen when she "voided" you?

Kids do say the craziest things!