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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Come and see the 80 year old giant!

Yesterday morning, I revealed my age to my homeroom. I believe it was because I was trying to show the kids why the answer to one word problem did not make sense. The question was something along the lines of, "Herbert is 15 years old. His sister is 18 years old. How much older is his sister than Herbert?"

Several of my kids had added the two numbers and gotten 33 as their answer. Of course, if the sister was ONLY 18 years old, she could not possibly be 33 years OLDER than anyone else. As a living example, I said to the kids, "I am 33 years old. The only person I am 33 years OLDER than..."

At this point, I was interrupted by one of my students raising her hand and blurting out, "ME??”

I continued, "is someone who was just born today. You might ACT like you were just born today, but we all know that's not really true."

As usual, the revealing of a teacher's age discussion than the latest Nicole Richie hunger strike. "You're 33?!??” “I thought you were 20 something!” “I thought you were 100!”

And the one that really struck my fancy-- "You look taller than 33.”

You know, if height and age were directly related, then I would be almost 13 feet tall by the time I was 70 years old.

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