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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V-Day! How did you celebrate?

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! It hardly even seemed like a holiday today, since we were expressly forbidden to indulge in any semblance of a party or customary rituals. In fact, our principal came on the speaker this morning to announce that some kids had been spotted with chocolates and that she and the Assistant Principal would be coming around with a cart to collect the contraband goodies.

The Texas educational system is going downhill, but really, are we in 1970s West Germany now?? 10 minutes of passing out cards and Hershey's Kisses is going to make or break little Johnny's chances of passing the TAKS test in 2 months??

So we didn't do much. But I'd love to hear from the rest of you out there what (if anything) you did with your class. In this week's INTERACTIVE MONDAY, please share how your day was. You don't even have to limit it to the classroom. Did you do anything else special outside of school?

For instance, I surprised my wife with the flowers/wine/chicken parm that graces the top of this post. I had never made chicken parmesan before, but I CAN follow a recipe, and I gotta say, it was DAMN good!

Maybe tomorrow, I'll try 4-cheese lasagna with a trifle. How hard can it be?


Michelle Wegner said...

My daughter is in Kindergarten and I was in charge of leading the games for their "Friendship Party". No candy allowed, of course, so she hid the contraband in her Jonas Brothers backpack, and we used the candy for a game. The kids were allowed to take the "game pieces" home. :) I was soooo looking over my shoulder for the principal to come in and take all the fun away.

Anonymous said...

I'm constantly surprised about the very strikt rules you have at schools in the US. And since I'm from Germany I was wondering what 70s West Germany has to do with passing out candy in school?
bye, Lisa

loonyhiker said...

I'm not teaching right now but I remember doing a writing activity with the candy hearts. They had to write a valentine on red hearts that we cut out. But they had to use the words on the candy hearts in their sentences. Where the words belonged, they would glue the candy heart there. The kids loved this activity. On a personal note, hubby and I joined 9 other family members at a Mexican restaurant for dinner.

TeacherFromTN said...

Yeah, our principal was on the morning newscast to tell the children that having candy at school was against FEDERAL laws. My kids' eyes were bugging out. She said if anyone's valentines had candy on them, they would need to just take them back home. I immediately had about six kids in my face with teary eyes....
Well, if she wanted me to follow all the rules, she shouldn't have moved me out of my nice, indoor classroom of 15 years into the very far out of the way trailer. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Mr Pesas said...

I guess at High School we don't worry about the candy. All I know is that my kids were tweaked out all day, from the sugar. And there were a few students displaced from their desk by LARGE stuffed animals and balloons.

Mister Teacher said...

It seems like sometimes you just have to ignore the rules just to have some decent moments with the kids...

TN, what happens in the far our trailer STAYS in the far out trailer.

Lisa, I just made the West Germany comment because I was thinking of a police-state mentality. Maybe I should have said EAST Germany? Or maybe I'm way off?

Anonymous said...

With EAST Germany you would have been ok. But I think even those guys would have allowed the kids their candy on a holiday (would have probably renamed the holiday though).
But from all I've read kids in your schools are allowed to bring chips, candy and highly sugared drinks to school or did I missunderstand something there? I know about a lot of schools here in Germany who have band all really unhealthy food and drinks. They take it from the kids who bring it anyway and call the parents. That's something I support!