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Monday, May 17, 2010

Tossing the pigskin

Last Friday, I took my football outside. I haven't taken it outside at all this year. Over the past couple of years, I would take it out regularly during recess and throw it around with my kids. But last Friday was the first time I had played football with my kids this year.

It might be because I haven't felt like throwing it around with this year's students. It might be that I just haven't physically felt like throwing it around at all. It might be that I've felt the need to sit and keep an eye on the kids who have lost their recess privileges.

But I decided better late than never. And we had a lot of fun. We don't play actual football. Oh heavens no. Even "touch" football always seems to lead to the kids fighting and hitting. So basically the kids take turns trying to catch the ball when I throw it.

The thing is, they all expect me to be Tony Romo. If I don't place that throw exactly on the palms of their hands, they are most likely not going to catch it. Few of them move in any direction to get closer, and some of them even complain when it goes a little over their head or lands at their feet.

For an almost-40 year old guy who hardly ever throws a football, I think I do all right!

Friday, almost my entire class -- boys and girls -- wanted to play catch. I think that's pretty cool.


Nick James said...

The few chances I've gotten out of the building with my students in the past two years seems to have helped to forge better relationships than anything I did while in school. It's good for them to see you as human, though edging on super-human is preferable.

Chris Osborne said...

Wait a second though, doesn't that make you Tony Romo?

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

One of the schools I sub in a lot has this weird football type game the kids play where there's essentially no out of bounds, no lines of scrimmage, and no kick offs. It's more like basketball if you could just take the ball after a basket and go instead of having to pass it in.

Amerloc said...

My rotator cuff has deteriorated over the years, too. They're young - they can deal.