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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Behold the power of math

When I picked up the kids from the playground today, we had a little time on our hands as my helper ran around to open the door so we could go inside. So naturally, the kids took that opportunity to loudly pester me for my age. I refrained from answering.

Suddenly, though, one of my girls announced that she had a 36 year old sister. Seeing as how my student is 9 years old, I thought it odd that she would have a sister that old. Not entirely within the realm of impossibility, but very unlikely. So I asked her how old her mother was. She told me that her mother was 43.

I didn't want to jump to any immediate conclusions, so I asked her if she had the SAME mother as her sister, and she affirmed. I told her that her mother would have had to have had her sister at age 7 if that was the case.

Apparently, judging by her red face and her sheepish grin, she was a bit mistaken on one age or the other, I never found out which.

Ain't math great?

On another note, the Carnival of Educators is up and running (with a Mother's Day theme!) at I Want to Teach Forever. Go over and check out all the great posts!


Eric Buffington said...

That is great! It's funny how often math does show up in everyday life. I am teaching the quadratic equation right now and that's a little more challenging to relate to real life, but that's another story... :)

Melissa B. said...

I don't tell the kids my age...BUT, they DO know my b-day, just in case they want to throw me a party, which they did on Thursday!

Mister Teacher said...

Happy birthday, Mrs. Scribe!! Still, I doubt you had Ella Numero Uno when you were 7 years old... ;)