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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Finally, we've found her calling

Last month, I posted about the Big Fat Cheater in my class -- a girl who just may as well be a piece of furniture in the room, for as much as she learns, except that a piece of furniture isn't nearly as annoying and aggravating.

This week, I've been teaching the kids long division. This is part of my "Get them introduced to a few 4th grade topics" initiatives. Some kids have really picked up on it, some kids have struggled a bit, and some kids just haven't gotten the concept at all.

Yesterday, I sat down in small groups with the kids who weren't getting it. We did lots of problems on whiteboards, first working them together, and then with me just watching and prompting. This girl, A, seemed to be catching on at the end of our time.

However, her mind is apparently like the Hatch on Lost, and nobody is there to press the button every 108 minutes to prevent memory loss (Sorry, I'm REALLY gonna miss my favorite show).

So she totally bombed the test today. 456 divided by 3 is 9,976? 381 divided by 5 is 002 with a remainder of 140?

No great surprise there.


At recess today, I brought the football outside again and the kids clamored to play catch. When my non-academician came to play, she actually blew everyone away. She caught every ball I threw to her (and I even started moving back to throw farther passes to her), AND when she threw it back to me, the ball had a perfect spiral!

The timing is actually pretty good here, because we had to turn in our requests for certificates for our end of year awards ceremony, and my partner teacher and I have been racking our brains trying to come up with the minimum 2 awards to select for this girl. Now we at least have 1, a "Teacher's Choice" award -- Most likely to be a Dallas Cowboys middle linebacker.

No, that needs to be reworded. Maybe Best Football Passer.

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