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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

MC Teacher

First a shout out to this week's Carnival of Education, being hosted at Rayray's Writing. Lots of good stuff in the Carnival, as usual.

Also, I am a bit confused about what is going on tomorrow at school. Here's what I DO know:

  • There is an evening Black History Month program
  • Several kids from the school will be performing
  • I am the emcee of the entertainment portion
  • I have NO idea what that means...

I trust you see the dilemma.

One of the 5th grade teachers walked into my room yesterday and buttered me up first by saying how much she liked my book, and how she even had TWO copies of it! Then she sprang the trap by saying that I was so funny and so witty, that I should definitely be the emcee of the Thursday night program.

She only really told me a few details. Cryptic remarks about how they already had a Jackson 5, a Supremes, a Jimmy Hendrix, and a Beyonce. Other than that, it was just -- you're the perfect guy to keep things flowing.

Actually, I should probably view my ignorance as a good thing. Because I have no idea what exactly is going to happen tomorrow night, I haven't had a chance to prepare anything and then stress over whether it's good enough.

I'm not sure whether to channel Billy Crystal or Hugh Jackman, though I suspect either attempt would fall flat on its face. I tend to be pretty funny and witty when I'm in a small group setting, but with a mic and a large audience in front of me?

Let's just hope the Jackson 5 can overcome all of my flop sweat tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

You will be great!


Unknown said...

heh, good luck, I am sure you will do fine :)

Priest said...

Hehehe ... you should have told her that she needed to get a Malcolm X, H. Rap Brown, Stokely Carmichael, and Louis Farrakhan character before they were ready to move forward. That would have glazed her fer shure and sent her scurrying to research your name list. Then, she would have freaked out and never bothered you again. Planning, it's all in the planning ...

Anonymous said...

I videoed a student, using a telepromter, reading President Obama's Inaugral Address.