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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I LIKE my markers!

After a pretty good day with the kids (only TWO instances of banging my head against the wall), I come back to my room to get beaten down with the discovery that one of my markers is missing.

While it might seem kind of petty to be missing something as small as a marker, it just really bugs me that one (or more) of my kids would be stealing from me.

Because of the size of my classroom, I have the kids line up against the whiteboard when it's time for dismissal. The ledge on the whiteboard has about 5 markers on it, and I use those markers throughout the day.

Last week, I came in one morning to find a black marker missing, and the thought of theft occurred to me, but I chalked the missing marker up to old age and failing memory (I AM turning 36 this weekend, after all). But today, to come back and find another marker missing -- a marker that I was actually holding in my hand at 2:55 -- makes me get much more suspicious of my afternoon class.

Sure, the possibility is there that I put it down someplace without thinking and that I'll find it tomorrow. But I looked pretty hard for it and found nothing.

Tomorrow morning, I'll have to ask the class who has been taking my markers. I fully expect to get the same response that I get when I ask what numbers were in a word problem. Blank stares, dead silence.

In more "beat down" news -- today we had a fire drill at 2:30. For the SECOND. CONSECUTIVE. DAY.

I understand that quotas must be met and we might have missed one month's required drill. But 2 in 2 days??? PLUS, we had a tornado drill scheduled for last week, and that didn't happen, so I expect that one to happen any time now.

In fact, I was expecting it so much that yesterday, when the alarm went off, I thought it WAS the tornado drill, and I had 3 kids out in the hallway, on their knees, with their hands over their heads, before another teacher reminded me that the signal had been for a fire drill and NOT a tornado drill.

My kids might have burned, but at least they wouldn't be harmed by falling debris...


Mrs. McGrew said...

I swear to you we once had four fire drills over three days. How you ask? Because on one day we had two. This is at a 2600 student high school. Talk about good times. Especially when one of my students, who I had the good fortune to be with EACH TIME, had a social anxiety disorder. She could not be around large crowds. Poor girl was a mess by the final day because the admin forgot about the drill until the end of the month and decided to throw in one more at the beginning of the next so it "wouldn't be a problem."
I love teaching, really I do :)

Anonymous said...

When I was in middle school, we had two fire drills in a half an hour period. The sad thing is, both times they forgot to unlock the gate leading out of the portables, which meant we all "burnt to death" agaisnt the gate twice in a row.

princessteacher said...

Happy Birthday (this weekend). Love your blog. Got your book for Christmas- an autographed copy, too.

Mister Teacher said...

Mrs. M -- 2 on one day, SHEESH!!

Anon -- I hate it when that happens

Princess -- does your book giver work with me or date me? :)

princessteacher said...

Interesting question... and as much fun as it might be to keep you guessing I will tell you that book giver is a co-worker of yours and former co-worker of mine who knows I enjoy your blog.

Mister Teacher said...

Princess, that's too funny. Well I will say hi to our mutual "purple" friend on Monday. :)

HappyChyck said...

How 'bout evacuation drills? Do you do have to do those? We had to have an evacuation drill last week where important people from somewhere evaluated us. I think it's new, as we just started this last year. Before that official drill happened, we had a practice evacuation drill the week before. The whole process took a little more than an hour each time. On the day of the first evac drill, we also had a fire--only it wasn't a drill. It was the day we discovered that the new kiln in the art room wasn't hooked up properly to the vent. Talk about days when it's necessary to go with the flow and pretend like learning is happening.

ms.w said...

Last year I was subbing and had fire drills every day one week! This year I have to get my 18 kindergartners down the stairs before they get trampled to death by the 3rd and 4th graders we share a hall with.