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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Box Top Par-tay!

Well, we did it. We finally won something.

The school had a contest to see which homeroom could collect the most "Boxtops in Education" pieces (worth 10 cents each for the school). My class rallied and collected a total of 200 box tops. One kid brought in around 70 or 80 all by himself...

So we get special treats for Valentine's (Valentime's?) Day tomorrow. Sweet...

Along the same lines, this week's Mr. Teacher column at is titled, "V-reaky Friday." It's all about the typical school Valentine's Day party. I'm sure you can relate.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Congrats...I'm jealous...I've wanted to have my class win a Box Tops competition...those cute lil K & 1st graders always get their families to bring tons & my 2nd graders can't compete. Hey, if your kids bring boxes of tissues - check for Box Tops on the bottom before tossing the empty one. I don't remember which brand has them. Maybe my kids can win the Campbells one...this year, we've got a connection somewhere that a lot of soup gets used.