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Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's Gettin' Hot in Herrrrre

Ever since spring break, the air-conditioning in the third and fourth grade wings has not worked at my school. On some days, this has not been too much of a problem, if it's been relatively cool outside. But there have been a few days that have been downright sweltering, and we haven't even had a day above 90° yet. We all know they're coming though.

I have a thermometer in my classroom, and on a few occasions, it has read 78°. When I complained about it, I was told that I could roll up my sleeves and loosen my tie. Yeah, great advice! That's kind of like suggesting to someone who has chewed food in their mouth that they could swallow it.

Several times now over the past few weeks, maintenance men have been out to take a look, and they usually leave saying that nothing is wrong with the system. Clearly, these people are products of No Child Left Behind. If it's almost 80° inside a classroom, but the thermostat is set to 60°, it really doesn't take a mathematical genius to understand that something IS wrong with the system.


Mrs. T said...

You have air conditioning???

Joel said...

In my first year in my current district, I lost my internet and phone lines that connected the band hall to the outside world. They went down the day after we returned from Christmas break and weren't up until sometime after spring break.

Somehow, I actually miss the quietness that I had without those connections.

On a more on-topic note, the heater and air conditioning in the band hall at my current school is not operated by the thermostat in the room. We actually have to go through one of the custodians.

Sometimes it will be 78-80 degrees, and sometimes it will be 64-68. I would rather have it cold than hot, though I somehow suspect that may be the reason I was sick from Thanksgiving through New years!