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Monday, April 21, 2008

Break out the parkas

I got an e-mail today through my school server that was a memo from downtown about the summer dress code. In my district, for most of the year, men wear ties and women wear hose. Summer dress code relaxes that a bit. No more ties or hose, it's really more like business casual. Definitely much more comfortable when the temperature starts rising.

Normally, the summer dress code ends on the first of October and begins again around the first of May. The memo today informed us that the summer dress code would be in effect from June 2 to September 2.

This is brand new and utterly ridiculous. Let's forget for just a second that some of us already are working in a classroom that doesn't have functioning air conditioning. Even if my A/C was blasting away perfectly, I shouldn't have to wear a tie when it's over 90° outside!! And it's going to get there very soon!!

School ends this year on June 4, and it begins again on August 25. So according to today's memo, we will get to enjoy the relaxed summer dress code for three days at the end of this school year and a week at the beginning of next school year.

You'll forgive me if I don't order the champagne just yet...

*********** Update as of 4/25 *************

They sent out a NEW email today revising that June 2 date to April 28. YEAH!!! No more ties, baby!!! Now if they would just fix the A/C in my room and give my kids some deoderant for after recess, we'd be in business!!!


HappyChyck said...

When I first read it, I thought for sure that summer dress fit perfectly with summer break, but they did give you a few token days. That's worse! I don't know if it makes you feel any better, but I'd much rather wear a tie in the heat than panty hose. At least you can fan yourself with a tie.

IMC Guy said...

Bummer. We don't have a dress code. We can even wear shorts. Once it gets nice, I'll be wearing shorts everyday. Fridays are very casual - nice shorts and a nice t-shirt!

Anonymous said...

Wow - it is too hot now to wear hose. I can't wear them anyway due to a skin condition. It 84 right now - at 6:30 pm.

I wear cotton slacks and short sleeve school "golf Shirts" all school year. The better for climbing under and over desks to fix computers.

Good luck next week. We got our 5th grade scores today - they were pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Was going to leave a long comment but realized it was all about me rather than you . . . and I don't have the courage to coment online about my school!

Do you have a new administrator downtown? One who, perhaps, has nevr actually taught in a classroom (especially when it's hot outside)?

Mister Teacher said...

That is quite possible, I'm not sure.

Mrs. T said...

Our school heats up like a brick oven and takes a long time to cool down. There is A/C only in certain parts- mine not being one of them and it is beastly hot. When it gets above 90, I wear shorts to school.

Anonymous said...

It's hotter than he** in my classroom right now..and with musty middle schoolers it's never a good thing. In a new wing, one would think it would work...but this is DISD so I know better.

Of course downstairs in the new wing their AC works and there's one teacher with a space heater under her desk. And she uses it during the hottest days of the year because her room is THAT cold.


Mister Teacher said...

Man, it would certainly be nice to wear shorts to work. But no, that's not even close to being an option here.

Ray, I'm downstairs in a new wing, and this thing has been off-again, on-again for the past 3 years. Your A/C manufacturer wouldn't happen to be Hunicut, would it??

Anonymous said...

Mister Teacher--I wouldn't doubt if it was. But the on again off again scenario sounds exactly like my school as well...except that the downstairs new wing had yet to have real problems but the upstairs wing is the issue.

I have some fan box or something in my wall (no other teacher has it) and I promise you with no exaggeration that when the air is having a good day I can lean against that wall and get a good massage. Seriously...the wall shakes that much. I've stacked books, boxes, and whatever else I can to muffle the noise and when the kids need a good laugh I start teaching while leaning on it...much like talking into a fan on high speed. I'm still waiting for the fire extinguisher to fall off the wall outside my door and spray the entire hallway next. That's about the only thing that hasn't gone wrong with the new wing.