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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hollywood has plans!

Earlier this week, I presented a new game/challenge for my avid readers -- Celebrity Lesson Plans!  I started the ball rolling with Harrison Ford.  And while writing that last sentence, I realized that I totally missed out on using "Outrunning giant cave boulders" as an awesome PE activity.  Nevertheless, after presenting ol' Han Solo himself as a case study, I opened the field to submissions from others.  And let me tell you, I got some GREAT ones in return!

Today's post showcases several of those examples, and for anyone who I missed or who didn't get to participate this week, I'll try to do it again real soon!

Here are some of my favorite reader submissions, and please feel free to point out your favorite elements in the comments:

From Michael R (Celebrity Jackie Chan):

Language Arts -- Phonics: Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth?
Math -- If a car leaves LA at 5:00...Rush Hour math.
Social Studies: Around the World in 80 Days: Day 57 Turkmenistan
Science -- Evolution: Did Kung Fu Men evolve from Kung Fu Pandas?
History -- The Shanghai Knights of the Round Table.
Social Skills Teachable Moment -- Don't be The Spy Next Door.
P.E. -- Stunts 101: The 10ft drop.
Art -- Paint the Fence. Up Down. Up Down.
Music -- Chinese Opera

From Ed U Cater himself (Celebrity Robert De Niro):

Language Arts -- Past and present tense: WERE you talkin’ to me… ARE you talkin’ to me
Math -- A=πr^2 : Is your “Circle of Trust” big enough?
Social Studies-- Falling from grace in the Japanese feudal system: From Samurai to Ronin
Science -- How and where it started: Can Fire Really Do That? (Goggles required)
History-- The End of Prohibition in America: Is Al Capone a true hero?
Social Skills Teachable Moment-- Bullying 101 - Shoot the Pillow: How to express your anger more productively.
P.E. -- Boxing 101: Rolling with the punches
Art -- Skin Desecration in prison: Tattoo art at its finest 
Music -- Music to “Self Soothe” by. 

From Jennifer M (Celebrity Jennifer Annison):

Language Arts--Writing personal letters: How to not ramble on for seven pages with no apparent point
Mythology: Leprechauns: The truth behind the tiny terrors
Math--Flair: How to make 15 seem like more than 15
Social Studies--Friends: How to maintain relationships with friends when only one third of the group have successful careers.
Science--Chemistry: How to fake it
Art—Performance Art: How to laugh at yourself and endear yourself to the public via YouTube
Music--Rock Music: How to be Mark Walberg’s muse without actually being onscreen 
Trade School--Hair: How to influence a nation with a single haircut 

From James W (Celebrity Bruce Willis):

Language Arts -- how to communicate with the dead
Math -- Why counting all 16 Blocks is important
Social Studies: How martial law is good for America
Science --How to stop an asteroid
History -- how to rewrite history via paradox
Social Skills Teachable Moment --How to get people to do things for you without them knowing it P.E. -- Bungee Jumping with fire hoses
Art --Finger painting  
Music --Digging the prize out of the singer

From Marcy R (Celebrity Woody Harrelson):

Language Arts: Exclamatory statements, ie "Norm!"
Math: Interest, ie what could you make following through with an indecent proposal of $1,000,000
History: Judicial System, ie The People vs. Larry Flynt
PE: Vertical jump prowess 
Science: The Chemistry of Beer, Cheers!

From Kelly D (Celebrity Demi Moore):
ELA: to work on fluency, intonation and chunking while rehearsing movie lines...
MATH: to master the fraction 1/2 or 50% as the boyfriends/husbands are half her age.
SCIENCE: to learn all the non-fiction nuances of the COUGAR...(see Math lesson to make connection)
PE: to perfect pole dancing and not slip and fall
ART: to make pottery and use the wheel expertly (Ghost) 
SOCIAL STUDIES: to locate on a map of the world all the jet-setting places she goes.

From Sarah J (Celebrity Natalie Portman):
Language Arts -- V for Vendetta
Math -- How Many Henrys?
Social Studies: The People of Wal-mart
Science -- An Einstein-Rosen Bridge
History -- Norse Mythology
Social Skills Teachable Moment -- The ethics of verbal statements.
P.E. -- (Black) Swan Lake
Art -- Queen Amidala's Face Painting 101 
Music -- The air guitar takes a backseat to the Air Piano

And finally, from Stacy C (Celebrity John Travolta):
Language Arts - Rhyming Put-Downs from the 1970s (i.e. Off my case, toilet face and Up your nose with a rubber hose).
Math - The Metric System and Its Effects on Burger-Naming Conventions in France.
Science - Epidemiology/Health - Exploring the Greater Incidents of Fevers on Saturday Nights.
Social Studies - How to Use a Mechanical Bull to Save Your Marriage.
History - In the year 2000, the Earth was conquered in 9 minutes (although it seemed like 1 hour and 57 minutes or perhaps a soul-obliterating eternity). The movie industry lost millions-upon-millions of dollars. Also, a world's population lost their minds and their will to be conscious.
Physical Education - The Fine Nuances of the Hand Jive. 
Social Skills Teaching Moment - Do you have 5 minutes for a "free" personality test?

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