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Monday, July 08, 2013

Celebrity lesson plans

Hey all, it's time for a new game called Celebrity Lesson Plans!  I started this on Facebook, but if you don't have a FB account, that's ok, we can play right here!

I am going to choose a celebrity then name some activities and subjects that person might teach.

Today, we'll start with Harrison Ford.

Language Arts -- Persuasive writing: why hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster by your side

Math -- 4 is not always greater than 3: When to stop at a trilogy

Social Studies: The history of Graffiti (American)

Science -- Do Replicants walk among us?

History -- Did Cowboys and Aliens really ever coexist?

Social Skills Teachable Moment -- Being a good sport. Letting the Wookiee win.

P.E. -- 101 uses for the bullwhip

Art -- How to draw anatomically correct one-armed men

Music -- Instruments of the Amish

If anyone wants to play, leave a comment saying you're in, and I'll assign you a celebrity to try. Just be sure to link back to the LMG page so we can all see what you came up with!

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