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Monday, November 08, 2010

Interactive Monday -- off-site meetings

No big hoopla today. Just straight to the question. How do you feel about off-site meetings and trainings? And as a secondary question -- do you have to go to them often?

I ask, because I am at one today. And I had a series of them last year. On the one hand, it is good to speak to other teachers that you don't work with and share ideas. On the other hand, it's a loss of instructional time with the kids. Time that often seems to be so important that other things are taken away, like recess.

So, let's hear your thoughts.

Operators are standing by.


Nick James said...

I've been to very good and very bad PDs and everything in between. This past summer I spent a solid month attending various sessions, conferences and the like.

If the program is worth investing in and there's a very good chance the staff will buy in, then it's worth it. Regardless of how solid the practice might be, if the staff doesn't buy in it's doomed.

Mamie said...

I hate ANYTHING that takes me out of the classroom! Instead of paying a sub to sit on my kids, I would rather meet (outside of school hours, and be paid what the sub would have been paid) for meeting on my own time. The disruption and turmoil and loss of quality instructional time are not worth ANY training, IMHO.