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Tuesday, November 30, 2010 revisited

This week's Tuesday Tip o' the Hat goes towards my old online employer, Some of you may recall I was a weekly columnist there, until they decided to do away with their regular columns, and I was out on the proverbial interweb street. I'm not bitter though. :)

Anyway, I got an email from Kat, their community outreach director, about some pretty cool things brewing at for the holidays. One of them is a Holiday Gift Guide. Here's what Kat says about the Guide:

"Our team of editors, teachers, parents, and of course kids spent the summer testing thousands of toys, games, and books. The products that made the final list had to be fun, well made, and fairly priced – and they also had to sneak in some learning. We ended up with about 12 choices for each grade level including at least one “splurge” and at least five “Under $10” items (you won’t believe the awesome stuff we found in this stocking stuffer category!) Unlike many other gift guides, no one pays to be part of our list. These are items that we found on our own and fell in love with!"

Kat then goes on to say that they even have a customizable widget for the guide, so I thought I'd check that out and tailor it to the grade that I teach, 3rd. Here's what I found:

Finally, Kat talks about a brand new Winter Activities Challenge:

"Many of you participated in our 2009 and 2010 Summer Activities Challenges. With generous support from the folks at Campbell’s we’re going to help parents survive the holiday break with a Winter Activities Challenge. It will run from 12/6 through 2/28. In that time, participants just have to sign up and complete at least five activities. Everyone who completes the challenge will be entered to win one of 101 prizes. We’re giving away 100 LEGO creator sets and our grand prize winner will receive an iPad! Unfortunately, you can’t sneak a peek at the Challenge until it’s live on our site (12/6) but here’s the link to use at that time: If you’d like an email reminder when the challenge is live, just shoot a note to I can also send you the Winter Activities Challenge logo or other visual assets if you need them. "

I don't know if this is ONLY for parents, or if teachers can be included, but it's worth checking into.


Nick Raymon said...

I like the approach you took with this topic. It is not every day that you find a subject so to the point and enlightening.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Sorry I missed this earlier. Thanks for sharing our winter treats with your readers. And of COURSE teachers are welcome to join the Winter Activities Challenge with their classes (It continues though 2/28). The grand prize is an iPad - pretty good classroom tool! Thanks again, Kat (