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Thursday, March 18, 2010

An open letter to Coach K

Dear Coach K (rzyzewski),

First, let me offer my congratulations on once again getting your team into the NCAA tournament -- something that your biggest rival, the Tarholes, were unable to do. Your team this year has shown inconsistency at times, but they have pulled together when it has counted, holding everyone off to win the ACC championship. Singler, Scheyer, and Smith have been awesome, and it has been great to see the emergence of Brian Zoubek as a presence in the paint.

Let me get to the point of my letter. As you may or may not know, I am getting married in July, and while that is still a ways off, I would like to request my wedding gift from you now. While you have not actually received a Save the Date or an invitation, please know that, if you are available, you are certainly invited.

As a gift for our special day, I would love to ask that you win the NCAA Championship this year. But that seems a little much. So instead, I'll merely ask that you take it to the Final Four. No embarrassing losses to Louisville, Purdue, or A&M. If there is a rematch against Villanova, please take your rightful revenge and knock them out of the tourney.

So to sum up, early wedding gift -- Final Four. Oh, and if you DO make it, and could swing courtside TICKETS to your games? That would be spectacular as well.

Good luck and God bless.


John Pearson


Meg E said...

I have been reading your blog for a few months, and as an education minor who is still deciding whether or not to teach (not my only career interest by far) I appreciate your commentary. As a Duke student, I really, really like this post and your support for our team. I hope you get your wedding present! Go Blue Devils!

Mister Teacher said...

Hi Meg! I saw that someone from Duke had been reading LMG, thanks for coming forward and introducing yourself!

Since everyone is saying that Duke has the easiest road to the Final Four (total BS in my opinion), let's hope the Devils prove them right and coast right in to the finals!

mrshall208 said...

Lance Thomas was my student in third grade....go DUKE

luckeyfrog said...

(Go Purdue :)

IMC Guy said...

Don't you think you're asking a bit too much here? Dook to get to the Final Four? Why not ask for mandatory state testing to go away or for all of your students to enter you classroom each year reading at grade level.

I'm trying to remember the last team from Tobacco Road to win a title? Oh yeah, Carolina last year. How about the team before that? Oh yeah, The Heels again in 2005. Perhaps Duke will someday regain their glory and you will be happy. I just hope it's not this year...or next....or next...

Mister Teacher said...

I was kind of hoping for a Duke-A&M matchup, since those are the schools I attended, but Purdue-Duke should be a good game. Hopefully we will pound the boilermakers!


Has UNC ever had BACK-TO-BACK titles, like Duke did in 91-92? I was lucky enough to be a freshman in 92 and be on campus when that happened. No such luck for the Tarholes...
But good luck in the NIT and all. That's pretty special.

Mister Teacher said...

Coach K came through!!!

Final Four, bay-bee!!