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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bards and Sages review

Thanks to Julie over at Bards and Sages for the latest review of Learn Me Good.

"Having a female in your workplace ask you how long you are is awkward. When the female is your 3rd grade student, it becomes surprisingly hilarious."

"Pearson presents the children in his class with all of their foibles, but does so in a way that is endearing and witty without being mean-spirited. You may think it was not possible to nickname one of your students Lucifer and not be mean-spirited, but Pearson manages it surprisingly well. Of course, when you have children in your class named Samsonite and Baby Boy, Lucifer doesn’t strike anyone as all that odd."

Check out the full review here!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

lol..the same thing happened to my brother who's a teacher as well when he was asked by one of his female college student..that student was just witty and bubbly so i a peace offering, she volunteered to go with my brother to shop for teacher supplies to be used in their charity