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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What are they breathing on the bus?

I may have mentioned it before once or twice, but at my school, we all have bus duty at 3:00. Since about 90% of our kids ride a bus to get home, we have roughly 10 buses, and we all have to get the kids loaded up and shipped home.

Most of these kids have been riding a bus since kindergarten. You would think they would have gotten the routine down by now. Of course, you would think they would also know by now that they are not supposed to climb on toilets, talk during tests, or draw obscene pictures on their own faces. Go figure.

Anyway, I have duty on one of the "better" buses. By that, I mean that the kids aren't particularly violent or disrespectful. They don't hang out the windows cussing at everyone within 50 feet. They don't throw dense fruit (which the school now helpfully passes out every Tuesday) at each other on the bus.

However, they also seem to step onto the bus and lose all rationality. Which makes me wonder if perhaps the bus exhausts are actually pointed INTO the cabin of the bus somehow? Maybe my friend The Bus Driver can weigh in here...

I get on the bus to help get the kids in place. I see kids turned around, peering over the back of their seat. I have seen kids STANDING on the seat. Today, there was a kid rolling his (eaten) apple core across the floor. There are girls that come in and sit 3 to a seat, with the 3rd turned so her legs block the aisle, not allowing other kids to pass by.

If I had a nickel for every time I told a kid to sit down on the bus, I would never want for ketchup again.


HappyChyck said...

What's with you an ketchup? Do you have a lycopene deficiency?

My children just switched schools, and now they ride the bus for the first time. I was thinking my son is wilder than he usually is since he started at this school. Perhaps I can blame the bus rides.

A recent bus story: "This boy on the bus said that he made out with his sister and she got pregnant! She's only 8!"

Me, about to vomit: "Yea, that's pretty unlikely. You don't get pregnant from making out. And it's is SISTER!"

Him, not hearing what I just said, "That's illegal!" idea that it's illegal is not the most disturbing part of that story.

I might need more evidence, but I'm thinking we might be able to blame the bus for the degradation of our society.

m said...

Hear! Hear! I second the motion by HappyChyck! I was a bus rider from 1st-12th grades and compared to today's bus ride, I'm sure it was tame. Before 7th grade, I learned to cuss & got flashed by a classmate.(eeewwww...guess I hadn't repressed THAT memory sufficiently)And oh, my, the mis-information about sex and filthy nasty!
HC - I'm glad your son talks to you about it. I never did.