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Monday, May 04, 2009

stepping it up

Since we are finally finished with TAKS testing for the week, my class got back to (somewhat) normal routine today. Usually, during the few weeks after testing, we preview 4th grade for the kids by introducing them to some things that aren't on the 3rd grade curriculum, but which they'll need to know for the next year.

Today, we started 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication. And it actually went quite well. I introduced the "stair-step" method, which is the traditional method, and though there was some confusion, most kids started getting the hang of it rather quickly.

We'll practice this more tomorrow, then on Wednesday, I'll show them the Lattice method, which I've noticed most kids prefer.

We've also started division with remainders. I'm not quite ready to start long division -- that always throws them for a loop -- but we're using circles and tally marks, and they've done quite well with the remainders as well.


Jen said...

Have you ever considered showing them partial products? It's like the "criss-cross" or "stair-step" method, but you do the carrying below the line... You can google it and get more info than you might want or need. It also helps with the whole number sense thing behind the multiplication.

Hit 40 said...

Oh my heavens... I am clicking through Jason's teachers!!! I thought the kids had posted his real teachers LOL

I realized he is actually assembling funny teacher blogs!!!! SO FUNNY!!!

Ben from TN said...

Wow, I'm impressed! Many of mine have still not mastered single digit multiplication yet.

Jason Oller said...

People in my class(and the English teachers [Scratch That]) haven't mastered single digit division yet..

Must not of read books in the summer (like me because I had nothing better to do) or payed attention in 3rd grade.

MESSAGE TO YOUR HOBBITS: You do better if you read and read and read. I read a lot when I was in third grade and make good grades.

@Hit40 Go to That is one of my REAL teachers.

Jason Oller said...

Explaining seems easy:

How many times does 4 go into 9?



And how many are left over?





4,8, 17, Jim Bob?

superstargenius said...

Just did 2 by 2 multiplication today. The kids were cocky after doing 2 by 1 multiplication for the past three days. Today, they all understood what I meant when I said you have to know the times table. Maybe this will motivate everyone to study their facts and no longer rely on drawing pictures.

Mister Teacher said...

jbuttars, I have seen this method mentioned in a text, but I haven't really looked into it. Is it confusing for low kids?

Ben and Superstar, I feel your pain. We've been doing 2 X 2, but in the midst, I have kids showing me they have completely forgotten most of the 7,8, and 9 facts...