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Saturday, May 30, 2009


Just a couple of reminders about upcoming events --

Monday is the deadline for the contest to win 500 business cards or 500 brochures from Remember, all you need to do is leave a comment in the original post explaining what you would do with that prize. There aren't a ton of entries, so your chances are still good!

Also, I am hosting the Carnival of Education here next Wednesday, and it's going to be BLOCKBUSTER! Don't get left in the dark; get your tickets to the big show and submit a front-row post ASAP!! You can email me or use this handy submission form.


Melissa B. said...

The last 2 times I used the handy-dandy submission form, I got left out for some reason. But I'm game...I'll think up something appropos today. And those biz cards look intriguing. Maybe I'l enter!

Melissa B. said...

And maybe I'll learn how to spell properly, too.

PS: Please don't forget to join our Sunday Funnies with a visit to Sx3 today!