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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Resolutions and embracing technology

Hello everyone, Welcome to the year 2008! Who knew this tiny third rock from the sun would still be around?

Since it is Tuesday, I feel the need to throw a few pointers towards the current Mr. Teacher column over on This week, it's all about the New Year's resolutions. See if you can pick out the actual resolutions from the facetious ones.

Also, I decided that 2008 is going to be the year that I finally give eBay a try. I've been monitoring NCAA final four tickets for a month or two now (with no success), but now I've actually got an item up for sale! Go on over there and bid a couple of hundred dollars. I'll be your best friend.

Happy new year everyone. Don't forget to continue signing the guestbook from a couple of posts ago!

1 comment:

IMC Guy said...

Good luck with those tickets! Maybe you'll even get to watch your Dookies play.