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Saturday, January 26, 2008

How's this for motivation?

Saw an article in the paper today that said a nearby school district, Lake Dallas, will be staggering their end-of-year date next year. Everyone will start on August 25, but only the students who pass the TAKS will finish school on May 22. Those who do not pass TAKS will go an additional two weeks and finish in June.

How great is this? I can't wait to see how works out, because I think this could actually be an incentive even to those completely apathetic kids that seem to be filling the seats nowadays. Sometimes it seems like failing grades mean nothing to them, having privileges taken away means nothing to them, even being held back a grade means nothing to them.

But who in his right mind doesn't want an extra two weeks of summer vacation???

Man, if I was on the board of education in my district, I would be putting this plan into action TONIGHT.

Just think how it will affect the teachers, also. It won't be an extra two weeks of vacation for them, but during those two weeks, they will have much smaller classes, and they can really focus intensely on getting those kids up to speed.

I'm so jealous!


Anonymous said...

This sounds like an interesting concept. Please keep us readers around the nation posted on how it works out for them.

loonyhiker said...

This does sound interesting and I think it sounds great. I would be interested in seeing how the students react. I also wonder what will be taught during those 2 weeks or will some teachers be giving those kids busy work, watching videos and packing up their rooms?

IMC Guy said...

You definitely have to keep us posted on this one. It does sounds interesting, but is 2 weeks really enough for the kids who fail the test?