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Monday, November 05, 2007

Monkey, it's what's for dinner

A few weeks ago, we studied food chains in science class. At the end of the week, I gave a homework assignment, which was for the kids to write and illustrate at least one example of a three-part food chain. I even gave them an example: Corn ---> Chicken ---> Person

I got back some very interesting responses. It goes without saying that for some of these kids, I did not learn them good about food chains. But I enjoyed seeing some of the chains, so here are a few of my favorite bloopers...

Tree ---> Giraffe ---> Wolf
[The Duran Duran song, "Hungry Like the Wolf" takes on whole new meaning now.]

Apples ---> Horse ---> Me
[At first, I thought she was just saying she was hungry enough to eat a horse, but maybe she was thinking of Jello??]

Bananas ---> Monkey ---> Ape
[I think that's called cannibalism]

Some kids didn't remember that food chains have to begin with a plant...

Mud ---> Ant ---> Bee
[I'm pretty sure ants don't eat mud, and I know bees don't eat ants. Horses maybe...]

Banana ---> Monkey ---> Black Monkey
[DEFINITELY cannibalism]

Dog ---> Food ---> Pedigree ---> Flea Spray
[Um, FOOD chain, my dear girl, not PRODUCT line]

Dog Food ---> Dog ---> Car
[When asked, he told me it was because cars hit dogs sometimes]

Fan ---> Air ---> Energy
[Metaphysical food chain???]

And finally, the winner of the "I REALLY didn't get the concept" award...

Banana ---> Corn ---> Soup ---> Tomato ---> Apple ---> Popcorn chicken
[This was accompanied by a picture with the caption, "This is A eating corn and tomato and banana."]


Anonymous said...

Did you get back any that made sense?

Mister Teacher said...

Yeah, I did get several very good ones. The ones on this post were just the funny ones.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Still read your blog and this brighten my day.

What scares me is these students will grow up and run our country some day.

Keep pluggin' along.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the girl simply likes to eat horse meat. I know I do. Tis very tasty, and rather good for you.

kera_gross said...

I really enjoyed this blog! I am a college student majoring in FACS education. I look forward to my secondary education students turning in things such as this!

Anonymous said...

>Bananas ---> Monkey ---> Ape
>[I think that's called cannibalism]

To be fair, great apes do frequently eat monkeys (chimpanzees for entire hunting parties going after smaller primates).

To be realistic, your student probably didn't have that in mind.

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